An outsider in a inside library

Chapter 2- Migliore la pasta in Italia

This wouldn’t be described as awkward to her; in fact, it wasn’t even weird in any way just unusual.  I mean, it definitely wasn’t a conversation that could come as easily as if you were with a friend but it didn’t stop frequently and went rather fluidly.  

Her uncle’s name was Peter and was a few years older than her father. He couldn’t be described as neither fat nor as skinny, average is more accurate, but he was rather tall and he too had loads of freckles but instead of the sandy hair his brother had he had dark-brown and curly. When he spoke he spoke English although with a strange accent, no quite Italian but neither English, more like a English that he had long-since spoken and was forgetting how some things were pronounced.

He had told her that they would eat something in the airport and then drive home. Elle appreciated that he was the one that started the conversation and asked the questions since she didn’t quite have the gift of conversing with others and the top bonus was asking her where she wanted to eat since she was craving pasta ever since she had realized some half an hour ago that she was starving.

They went to a restaurant called “migliore la pasta in Italia” (Italy’s finest pasta) and she ordered some spaghetti with tomato sauce thinking this was something any Italian would do but was startled as her uncle ordered something that sounded like mushrooms, shrimp, tomato, pepper and onion all together with condiments and spaghetti.

The meal went alright and chatted well enough about the usual topics such as grades, free time, friends, family… When they finished and started walking towards the exit to reach for the car she thought that for being the first time in such a long time that she didn’t see him it had gone good enough but even though she had talked to him and been pleasant she still wanted to be with her friends and was dreading the hour-long journey from the airport to the house.

They found the car a few moments later and when they had placed her luggage in the back of the car and where seating themselves his uncle said “So, I hear you like reading.

Yes.” She replayed unsure “Who told you?” It wasn’t an accusing tone, just merely curios one but he responded with a grin.

Your mother, no need to worry she didn’t tell me any gossip just that you, your phone and your laptop had a very fond relationship and as I don’t have any internet connection” Any connection at all more likely she thought. “She suggested having some books for you to read if I wanted to keep you from your usual grumpy state. So when we get home you’ve got a surprise

She gaped at him for a moment and silently telling her mother that she wasn’t usually in a grumpy state she said “Thank you, there was no need

No worries and although I’m sure you aren’t as grumpy as she said I just thought that I better be prepared if there was a raining day or something”

She smiled to him and again started yelling silently to her mother as he started the car and said “Well we better be off if we want to get there early, oh and I forgot. There was a storm and a road was cut so it’ll be a two hour journey instead.”

“Great.” She thought sarcastically. 

An outsider in a inside library

Chapter I

It was a bright sunny day, no clouds or wind to ruin it. Perfect for the beach most people would think. Most people, not all.

Yes it was true the day was sunny, yes it was true too that you could spend the day at the beach and the weather wouldn’t ruin it, but at 60, 000 feet above the ground you can´t really appreciate the weather when it has been burning your neck for the past hour and a half.

Even though she couldn’t care less about the fact that it was very irresponsible to leave a thirteen-year-old home alone she had still tried to convince her mother that she would be alright and that there was no need of sending her with her uncle to Italy. Of course her mother hadn’t even thought of the idea and had answered no, and when Elektra had tried to convince her another time she had completely ignored her.

So there she was, on a plane to Italy just at the beginning of the summer and soon this trip would be the reason of a horrible holiday, or that was what she thought.

The source of all this trouble was of course work. She was happy that at least her parents had work but still, she wanted to stay home with her friends. You see, her parents had to work all day for the whole of July and they thought that Elektra was too small and irresponsible to stay all those hours home alone. Maybe they would’ve considered the idea if her sister had stayed home but no; she was off to Germany on a school exchange.    

Her father, Charles, was an average tall man with sandy hair, very pale and freckles all over his face; he had lived in England all his life until he met her mother, Pilar. They fell in love, had two babies and went to Spain three years after the first birth. Her mother wasn’t at all like her father. For example she was Spanish and had always lived in Spain until she had gone to England to practice her English. She was small (although still taller than her daughters), had black shoulder-length hair and a nice brown tan. They had always described their relationship as love at first sight.

Her sister, Kaylee, was quite stupid in her opinion, although most people said that this was just because they were sisters but Elektra really believed that she wasn’t as smart as she looked like. She wasn’t very tall for her age, had light brown eyes and wavy light brown hair too that she always had to wear perfectly. She was fifteen and had the same number of boys at her feet as sand grains on a desert. Elektra on the other hand had dark brown hair with a fringe that covered her whole forehead and didn’t spend as much time on her hair as Kay did. Although her eyes matched her hair too because they where a brown nearly black color that made them even darker due to her long black eyelashes. She was tall for her age, not like Kay, didn’t have so many freckles and there wasn’t any single guy at her feet, but she didn’t mind that fact much.

Elektra, or as her friends liked to call her “Elle” hadn’t seen her uncle for a long, long time and wasn’t really thrilled at the idea of seeing him again. Not because he did something wrong, but because she wanted to spend the summer with her friends in Spain and not in a house in the middle of nowhere without any communication with the outside world. And even though she was in Italy her uncle’s house was in the top of a mountain in some town called “Asolo” and as big as it could be it would still be boring.

Please remain seated with your seat belt fastened until the complete stop of the plane and when the signals are off.“-Elektra heard from the distance. That brought her back to reality. She had been thinking for the remaining thirty minutes and hadn’t even noticed all of the people packing their things.

She quickly fastened her seat belt and started packing too. Fifteen minutes later she was walking out of the plane with a stewardess trying to find her uncle whilst doing the same for her suitcase.

She spotted a purple suitcase 10 feet away and went to get it. She hadn’t even touched it when she heard a voice that she recognized lazily.

¿Elektra? Wow! You’ve grown a lot since I last saw you

She took a deep breath, grabbed her suitcase, turned around smiling hoping with all her might that it looked real and said:

Hey Un” and she hugged him. She didn’t want to upset anybody by showing that she would give anything for not being here right now.

Never ending summer air

As she woke up a sudden thought struck her “It´s summer”. She sat up, took a deep breath and smiled to herself, it was finally summer. No more homework, no more exams, no more working, no more nothing for two whole months. “This” she thought to herself “was a wonderful feeling”.

The sun was creeping through the blinds and she filled her lungs with the fresh summer air. No clouds, no rain, no staying indoors all day; perfect summer day.

She got out of bed, picked her phone and went to the kitchen humming “payphone” whith a broad smile on her face and the prospect of having the best day ever.

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